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Steps to HOPE Summer Intern 2023 Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray

Steps to HOPE received a Summer Intern grant from the Polk County Community Foundation (PCCF). This year, Polk County High School student, Sarah Grey was chosen for the 8-week temporary position.

Sarah worked in the offices and shelter at Steps to HOPE where she learned about the inner workings of a non-profit agency, domestic violence, and sexual assault in Polk County and neighboring areas. She worked diligently organizing the library, kitchen, office supply and tool cabinets, and the storage area. She also assisted with client services, answered the crisis hotline, kept Steps to HOPE databases current, made sure doors stayed locked and kept a watchful eye on the security cameras.

We sincerely hope that Sarah’s time at Steps to HOPE was as beneficial to her as it was to us! Thank you, Sarah, for a wonderful summer!

We would like to extend our greatest thanks to the Polk County Community Foundation (PCCF) for making the internship possible.

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